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Portrait Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Session

1.     Keep clothing simple, especially for young members of the family.

2.     Avoid color clashes if more than one person is in the group.  Everyone in light, medium or dark tones to avoid one person's clothing "dominating" the photo or another person "disappearing".

3.     Have younger children dressed in the most important outfit when they arrive.  If they become too tired to complete the session you have your main outfit change taken care of.  Clothing changes are often a trial of patience between parent and child, so avoid them as much as possible.  With older children, discuss this in advance. Keeping that in mind Bring several outfits.  The photographer will be happy to help you narrow down your selections.  If in doubt, bring more than you will use.

4.     MEN-make sure you have a fresh shave.  Trim any mustaches or beards.

5.     WOMEN-Fresh makeup is a must.  Bring touchup makeup to your photo session.  Always have a clear lip gloss handy to brighten up your photo and translucent powder to eliminate any shine.

6.     Avoid busy patterns on clothing and bold prints when possible.

7.     Always bring both casual as well as formal outfits. 

8.     Make sure clothing is ironed if necessary.

9.     More fitted clothing is always less dated and usually more flattering.  It is good to do a variety which can certainly include the latest in fashion trends as well as more formal clothing.

10.  Avoid sunburns from tanning beds as well as sun exposure because tan lines and sunburns are difficult if not impossible to edit out of photos.

11.  Wear a hairstyle you are comfortable with.  Avoid a new haircut within a couple days of your photo session.

12.  If you wear glasses.  Wear them for your session, but remove the lens to avoid glare.  Your optometrist might loan you a pair of frames.

13.  Get a good night of sleep the night before or it will show in your photos.